Different ropes have different advantages, different pros and cons. What you like will very likely not be what someone else likes. Update (2018). HOWEVER. It actually polishes up and becomes shinier and smoother with use. That’s right, it doesn’t degrade. If you’ve benefited from or enjoyed what you’ve read, then please check out Rope Bondage The Smart Way, which answers every conceivable question for the beginner, shares my favorite ties and how to use them to best advantage. There are also tips on making uber sexy fun times happen, and real life examples and case studies of rope bondage fuelled awesomeness. Not recommended for suspension. If you want to buy your own natural fiber rope and condition it yourself so that it is ready to use for bondage without being too prone to giving you or your partner rope burn, McVarij has a nice tutorial on what you need to do.

Sometimes even scars, if the rope is thin enough and the pressure is applied forcefully enough. I recommend rope of 5 millimeters or above for safety reasons. It’s incredibly light. With the core removed, a single hank of it weighs almost nothing. Has a really, really nice smell – sort of earthy and warm. Knots are not at all difficult to unpick; because of the compactness of that tight lay, it doesn’t tend to squish and become difficult.

Update (2018). HOWEVER. The same goes for this as the other synthetic ropes with regards to friction; you will need to use knots. Summary:. I realize that what I just wrote may be true, but it’s not actually useful. In fact, I’ve seen people exhibit immense frustration over such responses. The times when I’ve felt it most likely that I would need to use safety scissors to get someone out of rope, have all been times when I’ve been using this kind of cotton rope. So if you’re going to use it, keep those EMT shears handy.

You’re going to need a decent diameter on your rope. The thinner it is, the more pressure will be concentrated on one spot, which leads to issues with circulation, nerve damage, general discomfort and bruising. Nylon is nicely smooth and comfortable as well, but it has very low tooth, so you need to use surgeon’s knots instead of square knots and any half-hitch style knot should be done three times instead of two. (If you don’t, your partner may be able to manipulate the tie and wriggle out, and rope bottoms kind of hate that. It won’t shrink (might want to use a cold wash though). Cons.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining it after the initial treatment. It actually polishes up and becomes shinier and smoother with use. Apparently it is often used as boat rope, so I’d say it’s fairly hardwearing and durable. Likely to get a very good life span with it. Summary:. (Updated 2018)Look, this is probably my favourite all round rope, with that Twisted Monk hemp as the favorite for bedroom purposes. That is, the colors will be more muted, less brilliant. Con: More expensive. Jute is similar to hemp in that it has excellent tooth; no issues whatsoever with using hitches etc. Very few knots required.


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