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Just how do I Connect My Sound Bar to My television?

Dear Big Picture Big Sound,

I simply recently got a Samsung LED TV.Р’ It appears great but sounds Р’ that are terrible So I picked up a sound bar.Р’ It’s a Boston Acoustics TeeVee 26 and was included with a subwoofer too.Р’ So what is the way that is best to get in touch the noise bar as much as the television plus the sub? i do want to obtain the most useful noise.

-John in Denver

Many thanks for writing in.Р’ seems like you are piecing together a nice system here.Р’ Yes, it’s real, the slimmer A television gets, the even even worse it appears.Р’ And you can get good results from a sound bar if you don’t want to invest in the money or effort required for a full home theater system. Boston Acoustics makes some ones that are nice-sounding.

Get Digital or Go Homeward

When it comes to just how to connect up a soundbar to a television, you can find frequently a few alternatives. Numerous noise bars these times include a electronic (usually fiberoptic) input as well as an analog input.Р’ Your Boston Acoustics TVee Model 26 has a fiberoptic electronic input plus two 3.5mm aux inputs (which appear to be headphone jacks).Р’ For most readily useful outcomes and ease, i recommend utilising the fiberoptic electronic input. So plug an optical cable that is digital the television’s digital sound production into the noise club’s digital input and you will be ready to go.

After that you can make use of one of many aux inputs for connecting a phone, tablet or news player making use of a typical 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable that is stereo. Р’ within the not likely occasion that your particular television doesn’t have an electronic digital production (many do), then you can certainly utilize the television’s analog production or headphone production to get in touch to at least one of this 3.5mm aux input jacks regarding the TVee 26, but repeat this only when you cannot make use of the input that is digital.

If you do not desire to hear noise through the noise club and television speakers at exactly the same time, then make sure to get into your TV’s set-up menu (sound area) to show from the television’s integral speakers. That way noise will only come out of the noise club.

We Now Have Assumed Control

The BA system is clever in so you won’t need to leave another remote lying around to control the soundbar volume, power and input switching.Р’ Check the user manual that came with the sound bar for details on how to get this set up with your specific remote control that it can learn your existing TV or cable box remote’s codes,Р’.

One tip whenever programming the TVee 26 to respond to your remote: If you plan the “input” function regarding the BA Sound bar to a single of the TV remote buttons, don’t use the television remote’s “input” switch for that! Р’ should you choose this, then every time you switch inputs from the television (like switching between cable field and Blu-ray player), it will switch inputs in the noise bar, from the optical input to a single of this analog aux inputs. Р’ And this implies you certainly will no further get noise through the device that is active to your television.

Provided that all your products are linked digitally to your television with HDMI cables, you need to automatically get sound away from the optical jack for many sources. And also this means you won’t ever need to switch inputs regarding the soundbar as you’re watching sources that are TV-based. The only real time you will need to utilize the “input” control in the noise club is when you desire to switch up to tune in to music from the phone or tablet or portable news player attached to the noise club’s “AUX 1” or “AUX 2” analog inputs, or you have actually a mature game console or VCR or any other device attached to your television making use of analog cables. Р’ These may well not pass noise through the television’s electronic production and will should be linked straight to the noise bar using an analog 3.5mm cable..

Therefore if you wish to map a key in your television remote to get a handle on the TVee 26 “input” function, make use of button that does not get utilized an excessive amount of from the television remote which means you never inadvertently switch inputs in the noise club whenever you do not suggest to. Then you can always use the buttons on the unit itself to adjust power, volume and input selection if you misplace your TV or cable box remote that you programmed to control the system.

Exactly How Low Are You Able To Get?

After the sound club is attached to the television, you shall should also connect your club into the subwoofer. You avoid using cables with this while the sub is wireless.Р’ In reality, together with your system, the cordless sub and noise club come pre-paired to one another through the factory. Put another way they truly are currently put up and ready to get without having any work that is additional. Just be sure both are attached to energy and therefore the club is attached to the television and you ought to be good to get. If, for many explanation that you don’t hear such a thing from the subwoofer after all things are driven up, you will find a “pair” button on both the sub and noise club. Press the set switch in the subwoofer until it flashes red, then press the set key from the noise club. The light should turn green to then show that the products have now been paired. But once more, this wouldn’t be necessary unless the subwoofer loses its link with the noise club.

You ought to put the sub close to the front side regarding the space fairly near the noise club if at all possible, and never too near to the wall surface or to furniture or drapes that may block the noise or might make the sub noise just a little “boomy.” Six to twelve inches from the wall surface should always be fine. The range that is wireless about 25 foot just in case putting the sub nearby the television and soundbar isn’t feasible.

After you have the inputs linked, together with noise club and sub put more or less within their final positions, plug the energy cables into both the sub and noise club and then make yes they switch on. If you are likely to wall mount the bar that is sound you really need to probably hold back until all connections happen made and tested.

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